Wimborne U3A

An introduction to self-realisation subtitle Tuesday morning, 10:00 to 11:30 Convenor’s home Contact the convenor

The course will look at the nature of reality from a scientific, metaphysical and spiritual perspective culminating in an understanding of what is meant by Self-Realisation.

The format of the course will be that those attending will receive two or three articles before each meeting to discuss. These articles will build into a significant resource for future reference.

The Agenda of topics will fall into three categories: Science and Reality, Metaphysics and Reality, and Spirituality and Reality. The course will be challenging as it will almost certainly take people out of their comfort zone of what’s possible. So if people have fixed or strong religious views, it may not work for them. Ian will also send a list of topics to those who are interested.

The group will meet at the Convenor’s home but if numbers grow, Ian will request a suitable venue.

New Group starting October 2019