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Britain, Europe and the World in the 17th Century Monday afternoon, 1:00 to 3:00 CLaRC, King Street Contact the convenor

The 17th Century was the most important in the history of these islands. The accession of James 1st in 1604 and a new dynasty saw the monarchy continuing to oversee foreign policy, religion, the finances of the kingdom and the power mediated through the monarch’s favourites.

Parliament was summoned at the king’s discretion and expected to vote for new taxes at the monarch’s behest. Just over a century later all had been transformed. Parliament was in almost permanent session and had complete control of the finances and over foreign policy.

Such was the long term consequence of the Civil Wars that broke out in 1641 and the ‘revolution’ that came in its train. James’ eldest son was to lose his head and subsequently his youngest, James II his throne.

All these matters were set against the appallingly destructive Thirty Years War in Europe – the manifestation of the bloody Counter-Reformation in Europe. All is set against a backdrop of severe climatic conditions brought about because of the ‘Little Ice Age’.

The course will be essentially focused on our own country but also embrace events abroad and throughout the world. It will range across politics, religion, wars and the rise of science.

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