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History What did the Georgians do for us? Thursday afternoon, 2:00 to 3:00 starting 3rd October CLaRC, King Street Contact the convenor

At the end of the 17th Century, Britain was seen as backward, politically unstable nd irrelevant. By 1830 Britain was, for a time at least, best. What had changed?

With due regard to Monty Python et al, a series of lectures to examine aspects of Georgian life (factually 1714-1830, but comment may not be exclusive to those years!)

A series of 8 lectures entitled: “Making it big” (the Industrial and Agricultural revolutions – the birth of the factory age and the country estate); “Do what thou will” (political low life and freedom of expression); “Pleasure seekers” (use of leisure time by both the rich and, to an extent, the not so well off); “Health and Happiness”; “Crime and Punishment”; “To be famous (striving for celebrity); “Separate spheres” (the roles of women); and “Studious and Curious” (the development of Science and engineering in the period).