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Mandarin Chinese Intermediate Monday morning, 10:00 to 12:00 Convenor’s home Contact the convenor

This course is designed as a continuation for those students who attended last year, but new members with a basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese are welcome.

The emphasis is on listening and speaking skills, but characters for reading and writing are also introduced and practised at a gentle pace. Our course will be based on Chinese Made Easy Book 2, moving on to Book 3 by Christmas.

Although this is technically a self-help group, the leaders are a native speaker and an experienced Modern Languages teacher who between them are able to navigate the course materials on behalf of fellow students.

The aim is not only to achieve a grounding in this fascinating language but also to have fun in the process.

Please note that the convenor is currently running Zoom meetings.

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This is a “self-help” group. It has a convenor for administrative purposes only. There is no teaching; individual members help each other.