Wimborne U3A

Out and About in Wessex Wednesday morning, 11:00 to 12:50 starting 25th April Town Hall Contact the leader

Each member of the group in turn is responsible for a two week block on a topic of their choice.

During the first week, they present their research on the chosen topic to the group. In the second week they are responsible for arranging the Out and About part with a relevant visit and usually lunch somewhere convenient. The visit which generally goes ahead even in the rain may involve admission fees and the cost of lunch.

It might be possible to work with another member of the group, which would usually mean the pair covering two topics in the year.

Topics and visits have been varied and included visits to towns and villages, museums, cathedrals and churches, houses, Bournemouth Water premises, the

brewery at Blandford and a talk at the Tivoli.

The first meeting is 25th April in the Town Hall, followed by the first field trip the following week.

This group alternates with ‘Discovering Wessex’