UFOs, UAP and SETI Wednesday afternoon, 1:30 to 3:30 Wimborne Community Centre Contact the convenor

In 2017, the unprecedented publication of photographs taken by a sophisticated infra-red cameras by US Navy fighters over the Pacific Ocean and the corresponding description of the encounter(s) between F-18s and the Unidentified Flying Objects in the New York Times prompted the US Department of Defense to admit that the UFO phenomena was real.

Reversing some 50 years of official denials that UFOs, a product of fevered imaginations and were thus unreal, we now find ourselves in a situation where the phenomena re-named UAP that is Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena, as the term now embraces the ongoing and extensive encounter with such technology under the sea, the US Congress has mandated that not only all the US Intelligence Agencies report on what they know but they must report on the ongoing investigation of UAPs.

This is no longer a subject to be mocked as there is a growing consensus that our world is truly being engaged by NHI – that is Non-Human Intelligence. This course will present in a rational and non-sensational way an insight into the subject. We will also take in a study of SETI – The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Indeed NASA has stated that we will know by 2030 that aliens exist.

If you know little or nothing about these subjects you may well discover that attendance of the course will completely change your view of the universe and of reality itself. It could well be that we are on the cusp of being the first humans to know that we are not alone in the universe.

New Group starting October 2023

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