Wimborne U3A

Write a Novel Monday afternoon, 2:30 to 4:30 Wimborne Library Contact the leader

‘I think that writers are made, not born .. becoming a writer is a direct result of conscious will’ (Stephen King)

Many of us, at some time, felt that we have a novel in us, but very few take the next step and actually try to write one. For me this was a mixture of self doubt, and a feeling that I didn’t really know how to go about it. Numerous courses later, I completed my first manuscript. I now have more confidence, some skills and a plan.

This will be a one year course. The goal is that at the end all participants will have completed their first manuscript. The format will be interactive and collaborative, each week we will look at a different stage of the process, do some practical exercises, and get feedback from fellow course members. Homework will be writing a chapter a week, at the end of the thirty weeks we should all have a 60-80,000 word manuscript.

To help the process we will use a simple piece of software that costs less than £2 and is available for iPad, iPhone, Mac, Kindle and Android, but not for PC. To enable the maximum interaction and feedback, the group will be limited to ten people.